Hoyte Sacro tips Sacrocervicopexy


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Mesh placement during sacrocolpopexy or sacrocervicopexy can be cumbersome
and time-consuming. The Hoyte Sacro Tips, used in conjunction with the Advincula
Arch™ handle, is an ideal solution. Supplying constant tension, tissue migration is
minimized during mesh attachment. Hoyte Sacro Tips offer a number of
unique benefits:

• Contoured to fit securely and comfortably in the vagina, these tapered devices provide both a leading edge for bladder separation and a flat surface area for streamlined suturing.
• The Hoyte Sacro Tips connect to the Advincula Arch™ Handle, providing a 1-for-1 tactile tissue feel.
• The Sacrocervicopexy tips provide a landing area for the cervix, allowing easier placement and suturing.
• Ideally suited to work with the ALLY Uterine Positioning System®, the Hoyte Sacro Tips provide static control and optimal exposure while suturing.

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Antal per fp 3 st
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